SEO Optimization Cycle

Once you have brought a website to a good search engine ranking position, you can not rest on this success for a long time!

Google and the search results are subject to constant change and the algorithms are constantly being changed and adapted, therefore a good ranking position which your website is currently holding never means that the same position is going to continue for the rest of the year.

The optimization of a page is therefore an ongoing cycle, it’s a repetitive process. If one strategy, not works, switch on to different, SEO is something where is no defined process. Most of the SEO Company in India have their own way of working.

But there are few things which are commonly followed. Optimization Cycle is among them.

Permanent rankings through optimization cycle

Once you have an idea for a new website with a list of targeted keywords, then you need to realize it requires a lot of work, because after the brainstorming comes to the correct implementation of search engine optimization.

Here are three essential elements that have to be implemented through targeted research so that you can have a result-oriented website, that benefits and add revenue to your business.

  • Domain
  • Keyword research
  • Content Induction

If you have these three points behind you, then you can create a website easily, but at first, your website is not going to be searchable. It requires at least basic SEO so that google knows about the website, and it to their index. Then comes the part, where SEO experts target the keyword related to your business which can actually bring sales for your business. But here we are only discussing the optimization cycle, further, if you need to know the SEO Tips, then Atechnocrat Blogs can be helpful.

Optimization cycle of a website

First of all, all parts of the new website must be optimized in the On-Page segment, because the optimization of the page is the first and most important step in order to have any chances of significantly better rankings!

This includes the following points in particular:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Canonical URL
  • Text content
  • Headings / sub-headings
  • Title and Alt attributes
  • URL structures
  • Internal linking
  • Navigation of the page

Once you have completed this area, you can go to the next step – the off-page optimization of the website and thus the targeted backlink construction of good and valuable links for the new page.

I do not want to go into more detail here on the setting and building of backlinks, because that is a chapter in itself, but it is an important part of the search engine optimization of a website and should be done with the greatest care and caution in order not to become conspicuous and thus loss of ranking to have to accept.

Measuring the successes in the optimization cycle

Once you have achieved good rankings through the previous optimizations, you have to measure them in order to be able to react correctly to changes!

Above all, it is important that, by specifically measuring successes, you can determine exactly where changes will occur and take and initiate the right steps to counteract negative developments.

Therefore, SEO tools are not an expensive toy of SEOs, but a tool for daily work and just to measure the successes but also changes of a website and to be able to initiate the necessary steps.

But even if there are no negative changes in a website, you should always do website analysis and also carry out the keyword research again and again so that you can recognize new trends and apply them to the website.

With a website analysis, for example, you can find out how visitors are moving on the page and what they are doing on the page and accordingly increase the conversion rate, but also find new semantic search terms in connection with keyword research and then optimize the website accordingly.

At this point, you may think the optimization cycle of the website is closed, but at the same time, you need to start all over again. Every month updating the site with small changes, like content changes, keyword placement, etc. makes Google think that the website is active and make upgrades as per the user’s requirement.


Search engine and website optimization is a constant optimization cycle that can ensure a website has good rankings in the long term, if it is made continuously, with the changes in the search engines, the rankings also change and so you have to keep improving to make ensure good rankings.

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